Department Housekeeping

Department Housekeeping

At the moment that guests walk into the hotel and are impressed, then enter their bedrooms and think “Wow, this looks wonderful”.
Freshly laundered linen, fluffy towels and a welcoming atmosphere, it’s all about creating a big impression and exceeding expectations.
Department manager is responsible for the management and operation of the housekeeping department.

Because accommodating guests in perfectly cleaned rooms is a top priority for all profitable hotels, this is a position and duty of importance.

In a large hotel, the Executive Housekeeper will report to the Room Division Manager.

In other cases, the department manager will report to the General Manager.

Manager responsibilities

  • Oversee day-to-day cleaning responsibilities of housekeeping team.
  • Maintain relationships with all employees in their department.
  • Handle all personnel issues within their department.
  • Dealing with hospitality suppliers: linen, cleaning materials and guest supplies.
  • Administrative tasks like controlling budgets supply costs, laundry, maintenance and wages.
  • Organizing staff schedules.
  • Reporting on overseeing stock-takes, budgets and other paperwork, such as maintenance reports and safety audits.
  • To implement an effective key control system in department.
  • Organization and thoroughness: preparing bedrooms in the minimum length of time whilst respectingn internal hotel procedures.

Department Housekeeping


  • Well organized and efficient at planning, directing, and controlling the activities of the department.
  • Committed to cleanliness and perfection.
  • Above-average people skills and the ability to train and motivate staff.
  • Excellent written and oral communication.
  • Problem-solving, multi-tasking with an attention to detail.

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